Spectrum 24 X 36 in. .jpg



September 2017


Planes is a vibrant abstract painting series inspired by who we are, how we change, and our interaction of personal energy in each position.

Works explore how different emotional or identity states influence a moment and the creation of various energy thumbprints.

Through visuals a conversation occurs on the themes of transient existence, space in different forms, and transference of energy. Meditation, energy vibrations, quantum and astral physics are also considered as part of this expressionist series.



November 2016

"Autumn" is a series of abstract works inspired by the changing seasonal leaves. Pastel and gold shades were chosen as mediums to express this earthy energy.

"I was reflecting on the different stages of fall leaves; their texture and tones. At times there is a lightness and warmth while at others they are rich, deep, and dark. They can be bold or blend simultaneously.

Autumn is about nature in a state of transition. I wanted to capture that colorful interaction within each of these pieces”


Wine: About It

   October 2015

“Wine: About It” is an illustrative showcase dedicated to the aesthetic and interpretative beauty of wine. This set of twelve canvas artworks consist of ink and watercolor sketches with accompanying expressive quotes. Just like wine, this series is meant to encourage contemplation, conversation, and good company.